Tap into the power of hypnosis...

to change whatever about your life you want.


I specialize in treatment for anxiety/fear and illness triggers, and can also help you with stress, depression, past trauma, weight loss, insomnia, addiction, eating disorders, limiting beliefs, relationship issues, self-hypnosis, regression, dream interpretation, self-knowledge, and decision-making.

See testimonials page for these, and other reviews:

"...Debbie Covino is the best hypnotherapist I have ever met in my 40 years of using hypnosis...In one session, Debbie will make you a believer in the positive power of hypnosis. Go see her!"

"...a profound change in my state of mind and physical well being..."

"Debbie skillfully led me into what became the most

informative and freeing couple of hours imaginable..."

"...more confident, happy, and at peace with myself and the world..."

"...one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced..."

Named a "Mental Health Hero" by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Debbie Covino,
Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated profession that does not qualify for State licensing. The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners is a non-profit professional organization, chartered by the State of California, to establish training standards, standards of professional practice, and a code of ethics. The ACHE's Ethics Committee can suspend or revoke certification. Certification is awarded to those who attend ACHE approved schools, with ACHE approved hypnotherapy instructors. Although the state does not regulate curriculum or a required number of hours of training, the American Council of Hypnotism Examiners has the highest requirements for certification of any major Hypnotherapy organization in the USA.

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