Dr. Debbie Covino

After several years as a university professor, I had developed symptoms of an anxiety disorder that made everyday functioning increasingly harder to maintain. My body and mind were completely out of whack, and at my lowest point, I had trouble finding anything at all positive to say about my life. I’ll spare you all the causes of my suffering, and simply tell you that when I became determined to create a happier life, I found that hypnosis was the key to this change. I tried so many other techniques, including meditation, yoga, acupuncture, conventional medical treatments, and supplements. While each had its value, it was hypnosis that finally did the trick for me. Today, I am fulfilled in my work, and largely at peace with regard to most every aspect of my world.


I'm uniquely qualified to help you discover the connection between your early life experiences and the conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that have held you back.

In addition to being certified through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, I hold academic degrees in Psychology and Literature, giving me a unique combination of perspectives that can help you transform your world. Hypnosis relies both on correcting false tales you tell yourself about your life and personality, and on inventing news ways of understanding through metaphor and visual imagery.


I show you how to tap into your authentic, creative inner self, which enables you to


  • identify situations and experiences that contribute to your unhappiness and pain.

  • release the destructive memories, feelings, and patterns that have been locked inside the mind and body.

  • reestablish the inner peace that is your birthright.


In this way, you can (as Joseph Campbell puts it) realize "the life you ought to be living" and chart a pathway to your own personal "bliss."


Hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Covino are available in person (greater Los Angeles area), by phone, and via Skype.


"So often time it happens that we live our lives in

chains, and we never even know we have the key."  

--The Eagles, "Already Gone"

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