Imagine what you can achieve when you supercharge your deeper mind--eliminating what's been holding you back--limiting beliefs, past pain, old patterns of thinking and behavior-- and setting in motion an array of powerful new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving!


You already know what you want out of life.  Inner State Coaching puts your whole mind to work for you, to achieve it.


Through hypnotic techniques, we "coach" your inner self to drive your conscious behaviors and feelings in a new direction--toward the better life you're seeking. Harnessing the power of neuroplasticity and neuro-linguistic programming, you can create new and powerful mental pathways and realize your true potential.

New life success comes from transforming your inner state.  The deep relaxation that comes from hypnosis will allow you to access your deeper mind, and change the ways it's running your life--for the better!

Dr. Debbie Covino

Your Coach

I am trained by The Empowerment Partnership, and certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology.

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