Dr. Debbie Covino is certified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Integrative Life Coach. She has spoken to diverse groups throughout Southern California about the importance of self-care and inner well-being, been on L.A. Talk Radio, and taught courses in self-hypnosis for personal and professional development at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Covino is uniquely qualified to help people discover the ability to recognize and release conditioned patterns of thought and behavior, so that they can redefine themselves and achieve optimum success. 


Dr. Covino believes that each of us has the power to do incredible things with our minds. Knowledge and practices from the field of hypnosis can bring new levels of self-awareness, health, and success.

Each of the topics below can be offered as a self-contained individual presentation + activity, or as part of a complete "Mindfulness and Success" series:


1. Stress Reduction

2. Mindfulness: Guiding Your Thoughts Toward Better Outcomes 

3. The Art of Making Personal Change

4. Improving Your Mood and Motivation 

5. Keeping it Positive through Big-Picture Thinking

6. Remaining Calm and Mindful in Difficult Times

7. Building Rapport with Others

8. Hypnotic Techniques for Creating a Better Inner State

9. Responding Constructively to Criticism

10. Rewiring the Mind: Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Health, Well-Being, and Success 

11. Releasing Inner Pain

12. Mistaken Thinking: Correcting Your Cognitive Errors 

13. Creating Your Own, Customized Self-Hypnosis Program 

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Organizational Wellness and Success 

End Anxiety

Conquer Fears

Lose Bad habits

Optimize Performance