Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I need?


Although hypnotherapy is an extremely effective and efficient means for changing lives for the better, permanent change will typically require both additional sessions and daily self-activated reinforcement in order to manifest and maintain improvements.


Though there is no “one size fits all” case, real success often takes somewhere between 3-5 sessions for each problem that you would like to address.  (It is sometimes the case that when one problem disappears, others can disappear along with it.  For instance, if you have anxiety and are gaining weight from eating pints of ice cream when stressed, resolving your anxiety will undoubtedly curb your overindulgence.) 


Daily reinforcement is also essential.  Studies show that it takes 21-28 days to develop a new habit, or to abandon an old one. Your commitment to a daily reinforcement routine demonstrates that you really want change in your life, and commitment is necessary in order for change to occur.  



My husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, mother/father/friend thinks I should lose weight. Can you help me?


Hypnotherapy will not work if you pursue it only because someone else wants you to change. You must have a self-generated desire to improve your life in order for it to work.

Is hypnosis mind control?

You always remain in control. Being in a trance state (focused within) allows messages about the changes you want to be fully integrated into your deeper mind.

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