Bad Thought: The world is going to hell.

A recent client reported reading news each morning, watching it on TV for hours every evening, and receiving desktop pop-up news alerts throughout the day. No wonder she was experiencing serious bouts of anxiety. As we know, news reports are rarely comforting. We've all heard the line, "If it bleeds, it leads," a tactic featured in the 2014 film, Nightcrawler.

My client's anxiety improved when she began taking in the day’s news only briefly--learning enough to remain an informed citizen, and to act appropriately on her values, but not so much that her brain was telling her that the world, full of disasters and horrors, is on a path toward destruction.

What must that incessant message do to our brains? We can't solve problems if we're anxious and afraid. If your anxiety is making it difficult for you to function, you may need to channel concerns about the world in ways that feel more empowering.

What do you think about when you are over-exposed to bad news?

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