Bad Thought: I have no control over my bad moods.

In my last blog, I discussed the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) concept of the reframe with reference to serious life calamities, such as abuse, assault, and illness or accident. In this blog, I’d like to continue talking about the reframe, but here with reference to less serious issues.

You can improve your mood by finding something good in a negative turn of events. When something goes wrong, we naturally respond with displeasure. We wanted one thing and got another. Because of the unwanted change of events, we may have to endure something unpleasant. We may to fix a problem, work harder, or do without a resource. It isn’t fun, but we can get so absorbed with the negatives that we fail to see that the cloud may have a silver lining. Often, the unwanted situation has a positive benefit.

Think of something bad that recently happened. Choose something minor, not traumatic. They recently cut back my hours at work. Nobody wants that. It may mean less money, a change in scheduling, and any number of unwanted results. But think of one good thing that came of it. The change might mean I get to spend more time with my brother. It can be easy to reset my mood upward.

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