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Bad Thought: I can’t be with my loved ones this holiday season.

It’s truly a bummer that we won’t be with family this year due to coronavirus. The change in our usual routine does however present an opportunity to be creative about connecting virtually with relatives and friends. Many of us who are settling for Zoom have good ideas about creating a feeling of togetherness by opening gifts while online, partaking in the same food and drink, playing trivia games, and singing, among other activities.

One idea about dealing with this year’s context that I especially like comes from my daughter: After everyone’s been vaccinated against Covid, undoubtedly sometime mid-year 2021, all the holidays for which separation was necessary can be celebrated at one big party! It will be amusing to see people playing Secret Santa while wearing Halloween costumes and eating Easter eggs. You can create a similar scene referencing the holidays your family celebrates.

That said, I’d like to suggest that you can view this holiday season as an opportunity to bridge the gap in physical closeness by creating emotional intimacy in some meaningful way. You might, for instance, make a gift of telling each Zoom participant what you most appreciate in or admire about them. In a world of hyper-criticism, a positive word from you would be gratefully received.

After the holidays are over, you can tell yourself, It wasn’t ideal, but I was nonetheless able to connect with my loved ones in a meaningful way.

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