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Bad Thought: I can’t control my negative thoughts.

I’ve talked before about self-distancing from stressful events as an effective strategy for inner well-being (see my September 24, 2017 blog entry). And, as I often teach my clients, self-distancing is a useful strategy for finding relief from one’s own bad-feeling thoughts. We can shrink thoughts down in our mind or turn down the volume of the voice in the head. These techniques are part of the global advice that we not fight our thoughts, as I’ve been reminded by a recent article in Greater Good Magazine

GGM cites a recent study that shows people enjoy the greatest reduction in their stress levels when they accept their thoughts and feelings non-judgmentally, when they simply allow them to occur and observe them happening. Thoughts are like clouds in the sky: they appear, change form, and eventually drift off into the distance. And you have no obligation to believe every thought you think, as Eckhart Tolle has been known to say. So, give yourself a break by telling yourself, I can observe thoughts floating away like clouds in the sky.

Here’s the article in case you want to give it a read:


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