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Bad Thought: I can’t shake this depression.

A couple of recent clients have been feeling depressed despite the facts that Covid is now waning and that neither has lost work. Having recently read Caroline Williams’ book, Move!: The New Science of Body Over Mind, it occurred to me that a factor in their mood disorder could be lack of physical movement during the pandemic. While some of us purchased personal workout equipment or began online training programs during Covid, others simply sat on the couch and stewed about the state of the world. The shock to the system that has been Covid has no doubt affected our emotional health, and yet something more may be going on if you’re struggling to recover your joie de vivre two years after the onset.

Williams teaches us that the body definitely influences the mind and specifically that physical movement can lower the incidence and intensity of depression and anxiety, while it raises self-confidence and self-esteem. In “Moving Your Body Is Like a Tune-Up for Your Mind,” Kira M. Newman cites Williams, who says, “Moving is at the heart of the way we think and feel. If we stay still, our cognitive and emotional abilities become seriously compromised.” Newman tells us that running, walking, dancing, and yoga are among the forms of physical movement that tell the brain we are in a state of expansiveness, strength, and positivity.

So, I recommended that my clients begin to move their bodies more, and I hope they’ll soon be thinking, I can shake (pun intended) this depression!

You can read Newman’s brief article from Greater Good Magazine here: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/moving_your_body_is_like_a_tuneup_for_your_mind

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