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Bad Thought: I don’t know how to cope with Covid.

As you might well imagine, people are struggling to deal emotionally as well as practically with yet another round of Covid. Omicron has certainly set us back in our efforts to return to normal living, and many are just plain exhausted. I talk to them every day and aim to guide them toward what we might call a philosophical understanding of the situation. Are they actually evolving--learning new skills or becoming emotionally stronger--in ways that will prove helpful long after this is all over? Can they look at things from a broader perspective to see What these skills and strengths might look like? Some look at me like I must be nuts, while others appear to take in the idea with some receptivity and interest.

I’m now able to add to my advice by citing a recent study reported in Greater Good Magazine. Kira Newman summarizes research (see below for link to full article) based on a survey of 1,400 older adults living in the U.S. who report that 2 ways of orienting to difficulties are beneficial: 1) the belief that their lives have meaning and purpose; and 2) the ability to make peace with adversity through forgiveness. People who maintain a philosophical, even spiritual, outlook on Covid are less stressed, anxious, and depressed.

If you’re currently struggling emotionally in response to the pandemic, consider therapy of course, and see if you can identify new capacities for handling hard times.


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