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Bad Thought: I hate delays.

The house I live in was built in 1927. Which means it’s required some work. Lots and lots of work actually. On top of that, we decided to add a deck to our hillside backyard. Which required a lot of patience. That process took more than 2 years. No wonder even modest renovation delays, such as the tile guy getting sick on the day he was scheduled to replace the floor in the laundry room, felt aggravating.

My aggravation lifted a couple of days into the delay when I began to question whether I’d chosen the right tile for the room. I wanted white so that the room would look bright and spacious. But then I began to think about the grout: the way light-colored grout becomes irreversibly gray after just a few months. A grout that meant to be grey would solve that problem, but I didn’t like the idea of white tile with grey grout. Maybe a grey tile then? Turns out I settled on a dark brown tile that mimics the look of wood, and a dark brown grout. Problem solved! I now love the floor. It’s practical and quite attractive. If the tile guy hadn’t caught the flu, I’d now be regretting my white tile and grout.

I was reminded of a friend who told me months earlier that she had been irritated when a trip to Disneyland had to be postponed for a week, until the day when the originally scheduled visit came and it rained heavily all day. The day she did go to the amusement park was ideal: 75 degrees and partly sunny.

An improved outcome following a delay can of course also occur in higher-stakes situations. A client recently told me that he had been extremely disappointed when he didn’t get the job of his dreams for which he’d interviewed. He took another job with little enthusiasm, and then realized shortly thereafter that the job he got was much better than the one he’d originally wanted.

Next time life changes the timing of events for you, think, This delay might yield a better result.

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