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Bad Thought: I have no time for mindfulness.

Have you ever noticed how a million thoughts are always going through our minds? Our minds rarely slow down or go quiet. We’re always lost in thought, deciding what we’re having for lunch, ruminating about the most annoying person in our life, remembering various things we need to get done today, worrying a about the future, questioning what other people believe, and so on. We’re constantly judging and interpreting everything that goes on around us, even the small stuff: Why don’t people speak more clearly on the phone? I’ll bet so and so started the rumor about me. Tuna fish is really much healthier than chicken, etc. This is the reason people meditate, to allow the mind some rest.

You can do this, “meditate” that is, is without scheduling time and sitting alone in a room in the lotus position. The way to do this is to practice something closer to “pure perception,” that is, noticing/interacting with what you’re doing, with what’s going on around you relatively freer from the overactive mind. You can suspend the chattering voice in your head, suspend judgments and interpretations, and enjoy the same sort of benefits that you would get from traditional meditation.

In this Covid 19 context, we’ve all been do a lot of hand-washing. While dispensing the soap, sudsing up, and rinsing, instead of thinking about work, chores, bills, or other things, take your attention to what is happening with your hands: Notice the temperature of the water, how it feels on your skin, watch the bubbles form as you rub the soap around, perceive the slipperiness and the scent in the air, see the water cascading out of the faucet, see the soap running into the drain, and so on. You’re putting your mind to a different use now, one that is far more relaxing and refreshing. You can do this with dish-washing, folding laundry, cooking, etc.

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