• Debbie Covino, PhD

Bad Thought: I haven’t achieved much in life.

I’m often surprised when clients who are very accomplished experience feelings of inadequacy. Their brains seem skilled at trolling for minor failings while completely disregarding their various successes. The tendency goes hand-in-hand with perfectionism, which causes us to find fault with most everything we do, such that anything we do goes into the “it was nothing” column.

Since you’re likely spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might review your resume or cv to remind yourself of all that you have in fact achieved when it comes to your professional life and education. (You might even want to use this time to update it.) Then, you might make a list of accomplishments in other areas of life, including relationships, physical fitness, monetary savings, time management, decision-making, and so on. Take the list all the way back to your lead in the school play if you want. The idea is not to puff up your ego, but to work against your inclination to discount your worth.

It becomes even easier to see that you are a worthy and unique being if you simply think of all that you’ve experienced thus far in this life. All the people you’ve known and impacted. All the emotions you’ve felt. All the love you’ve shown to others. All the ideas that have flowed through your mind. All the places you’ve been. All the possibilities you’ve imagined. You might just have this whimsical thought: I, like each person, am a walking specimen of valuable human experience.

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