• Debbie Covino, PhD

Bad Thought: I lack confidence.

I hear this particular lament from clients all the time. Confidence issues are very common. Do you feel you lack confidence? Or is there some other trait you feel you don’t possess? 

In either case, ask yourself now whether it’s possible to begin to recognize that you do in fact have this quality. Isn’t it true that we all have some level of just about every positive trait there is? Even mean people are occasionally nice, right? Why do we limit ourselves then? Why do we decide to believe we don’t possess certain positive qualities? Often because someone once told us, either directly or indirectly--usually when we were very young--that we were lacking in this trait or ability. That’s really sad. Think of all the years spent believing we weren’t likeable or didn’t fit in. All the years feeling bad about ourselves relative to this quality. All the negative emotion. All the wasted opportunities.

Ask yourself how you learned to believe that you lacked this trait. 

If you have no objections to feeling that you do have this quality, think now of one specific example in the past in which you did demonstrate it. Say it’s confidence: can you think of a time when you did feel confident? Recall the way you behaved at this time. Now think of another time you were confident. Think of another. And still another. 

You see, you have many instances of having been confident. Search back through your memory, and see if you can’t come up with a few more. Let your deeper mind help you remember. Think of the many different times. And do you remember a person who once told you that you seemed confident? Hear that person telling you. 

Now say to yourself, I am a confident person.

You can do this exercise with any quality you'd like. You'll find that you have access to every one.

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