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Bad Thought: I’ll never get ahead of all the problems in my life.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle likes to point out that Winston Churchill once defined history as “one damned thing after another.” I venture to add that most of us at times think of our own lives in exactly the same way. There’s scarcely a time when problems aren’t asserting themselves into our realities. At this moment, I have my list, and I’m sure you have yours.

The question is whether or not you allow your problems to prevent you from feeling ok, or enjoying life. If life, like history, is one damned thing after another, then we have to presume problems of one sort or another will be present throughout our lives. If we believe we can’t feel ok when we have a problem, we will never, ever feel ok.

Would it be possible for you to simultaneously work toward solving your problems and feel ok about the fact that they exist? It seems to me that this is the real philosophical/spiritual work that life calls on to do.

Stubborn problems may bring out a feeling of violent objection within us, and the work of being about a higher principle (see my 2/18/18 blog entry) would be to learn to abandon that sort of impulse (however merely internal it may remain). Setting aside the fact that the improvements you’re seeking would benefit you, you might at times actually be grateful for the problems life has thrown at you.

The problem is inviting you to change. You get better at maintaining an inner state of equilibrium only when you practice doing this in the face of problems. In other words, you might look at problems from the perspective of the higher principle by thinking, My problems are an opportunity to evolve.

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