• Debbie Covino, PhD

Bad Thought: I’m afraid my cravings will make it impossible to quit smoking.

Many clients come to me to change a problem habit, such as smoking, nail-biting, or too much video gaming. They’d like me to hypnotize them into losing their desire for the undesired behavior. And while I certainly do take this approach, what we might call the “moving away from” strategy, I find that it’s also very helpful for clients to create ways to visualize the ideal self they prefer to be in relation to the habit.

A dieter might put a picture of himself at a lower weight on the refrigerator. A neophyte non-smoker might imagine herself showing strength by pushing a cigarette away. And a gambler in recovery might envision taking the wheel of a new car when she puts her money to better use. This practice is what we call a “moving toward” strategy, and it is a great complement to keeping in mind all the negatives of continuing a problem habit.

Utilizing both a “moving away from” and a “moving toward” approach allows you to think, I can do this!

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