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Bad Thought: I’m creatively blocked.

Many of us are exercising our creativity during the coronavirus pandemic, taking up our paintbrushes, pens, pots and pans, or gardening tools now that we’re spending more time at home. When it comes especially to painting and writing, I’ve been hearing from clients who feel creatively blocked. It’s a fairly common problem and it’s usually caused by imagining what others might think of our work.

A good reminder of this dynamic is in a recent article in Greater Good Magazine called “How Your Work Environment Influences Your Creativity”: Teresa M. Amabile verifies the importance of tuning out our imagined censors when it comes to creative work. Studies show that when people focus on outside forces such as evaluation, competition, or money, among others, they generally find that their inventiveness freezes up. On the other hand, when creatives focus on the pleasure and fulfillment they get from their work, they are much more motivated and successful. See the URL for the full article below.

So, before you take out your paints or pens, I recommend that you sit comfortably, close your eyes, go within, and imagine how fun and pleasurable it feels to depict the appearances and meanings of life in new ways. Think, Creating for myself makes me productive.


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