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Bad Thought: I won’t be able to do it all.

These days we are all multi-taskers. The other evening, I was anticipating a tough next morning: I had 2 client consults by phone on the calendar from 8-9, and 3 meetings at Cal State LA from 10-1. I planned to get myself showered and dressed from 9-10, and then participate in the first Cal State meeting by phone while traveling into the university for in-person appearances at the 2 latter meetings. That was a lot for one morning, especially the part about participating in a meeting while driving in LA traffic. (Note: I talk in a hands-free manner and remain very focused on the road. I’m well aware that missing hearing a word on the phone is way less significant than missing seeing a car on the road.) My rational mind told me I had it all under control, but nonetheless found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed at the emotional level, and this affected my sleep that night before my busy morning.

Now, I know we’ve all had the experience of feeling a bit keyed up in anticipation of a busy day. And while we want to listen to our inner guidance system about not over-scheduling ourselves, I’m also here to tell you that my edgy anticipation was over-determined, since it all went swimmingly when the morning came. I suspect this is most always the case for you too: whatever you’ve been worrying about goes just fine when it eventually happens.

This phenomenon is often discussed by spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, who observes that no one can handle something yet-to-happen (since it hasn’t happened!), but that we always address whatever’s actually occurring in any given moment. Of course, we want to intelligently plan ahead for life’s possible contingencies, but worry is not necessary as a motivator for such planning (many of my clients believe it is). Rather than worry, tell yourself, I’ll be able to do what’s needed when the time comes.

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