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Bad Thought: Meditation is hard.

I’ve covered easy ways to meditate in past blogs. For instance, in my August 6, 2017 blog, I recommended that you keep part of your attention on your breathing, pulse, or “aliveness in your hands” while sitting in a meeting as a simple meditation practice that doesn’t require privacy or scheduled time. You can also watch a short video here that tells you how to use fantasy to drop into a trance state: https://www.hypnotic-wellbeing.com/videos.

Today, I’d like to share another possibility: You can meditate while talking to someone. Have you ever noticed that your mind is over-active when you’re having a conversation with another person? You’re so busy forming the next sentence you can’t wait to utter that you only half-hear what the other person is saying. And often, even if you hear their every word, you miss hearing the intention behind their words. They might be telling you about something cute their dog did, and rather than sensing how much they want acknowledgement (“I can tell how much your dog means to you,” for instance), you launch into a dog story of your own. Other people are always reaching for acknowledgement, and we run over that wish on their part with our own mental preoccupations.

So, try this: Refrain from forming your own follow-up comments when someone talks to you and just listen instead. Ask a lot of questions to encourage the other person to do more of the talking, and really listen to the answers, again not formulating your own responses. When you do decide to respond with a comment, wait a beat before saying anything. Think for a few seconds about what you’d really like to say. Give your exchange with this other person breathing space.

This listening practice not only demonstrates a generosity of spirit that will win others over (everyone can use more loving attention, but especially in this time of coronavirus), but also acts as a form of meditative mindfulness. You’ll think, I’m a meditator now!

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