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Bad Thought: My bad thoughts control me.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

A client's father, normally a gloom and doom type, insists on happiness and optimism when he spends the day at Disneyland. Long lines are opportunities to bond with loved ones, a screaming child adorable, and an empty wallet the sign of a well-spent day. Physical ailments go unnoticed, and problems with finances, work, and home maintenance are disregarded. Disneyland is of course an exceedingly pleasant place, but there's more going on here than just context. By the time this man goes through the park's entry gates, he's made a firm inner commitment to have a good time, and nothing is allowed to get in his way. 

My client's story demonstrates that thoughts are malleable, meaning that they’re often a choice. It can be challenging to see the truth in this statement, because we experience our thoughts as being involuntary: as natural reactions to the circumstances of life. Yet patterns of thought can be broken and changed.

It’s illuminating to realize that you've created every feeling you've ever had, and that the quality of your experience is related to the quality of your thoughts. You’re already adept at stopping your habitual thoughts when engrossed in something, say a novel, a movie, or a hobby.

It’s sometimes very difficult to control thoughts, especially at times of high stress or misfortune, but you can at least try to take responsibility for them as they arise. Doing so is the first step toward learning to guide your mind to think a better-feeling thought. Soon, you’ll be able to say, I can learn to guide my thoughts.

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