• Debbie Covino, PhD

Bad Thought: My brain can't change.

Clients who come to see me about anxiety will often say that they’ve had the problem for so long that it’s become a part of who they are. They think, My brain can’t change. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Anxiety is a pattern that has created a kind of pathway in the brain, and a person can learn to abandon this pathway and walk down a different one. The thought patterns and abilities that your brain oversees are the result of interconnected networks of neurons that communicate with each other.  For centuries, science presumed that--once we become adults--these networks are fixed and unchangeable (in other words, you are who you are). Recent scientific study has established that your brain can and does change throughout life, that it can reorganize and form new and different neural networks. We call this ability "neuroplasticity." We know that your brain is not hard-wired, it's soft-wired, always changing, shedding old patterns and creating new ones. Just as your brain’s neuroplasticity can sometimes get you into an undesirable pattern, it can also reverse course, and take you toward the thought patterns and abilities that you want.

Imagine what these new connections can do for you. Transformation-makers such as hypnosis, meditation, and the pursuit of new knowledge will have you thinking, My brain loves to change!

You are more than who you are: You are also the person you’re becoming.

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