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Bad Thought: My Life Sucks.

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Speaking of things in flux (as I did in my last blog), our moods and feelings (like our bodies) are always shifting. A client who wanted to gain more control of her inner life described a morning wave of gratitude: she loved her new job with a tech startup. Especially welcome were the work hours, pleasant office surroundings, and friendly co-workers. As she sat at home sipping the day's first cup of coffee, she thought about a weekend concert to which she was looking forward, felt a surge of well-being, and thought, My life feels great!

No wonder she was puzzled when only 2 hours later her inner state had completely shifted. Pressure from her boyfriend to agree to host a large party provoked anxiety and irritation. And a call from her insurance company informing her that an expensive claim had been denied deepened her gloom. She thought, My life sucks!

How, she asked me, could she be so changeable? And how could be less given over to dejection when life threw such challenges and stresses at her?

The beginnings of an answer form in my mind: When a bad mood overtakes you, simply remind yourself that it’s temporary. This thought may even cause the bad mood to be fleeting.

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