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Bad Thought: My wait at the doctor's office will be boring.

During my wait at the doctor’s office, I had a great idea about how best to conduct the next session with one of my hypnotherapy clients. Since I'd been working on this issue for a few days, it felt good to determine how best to help. Shortly after I had the insight, I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with another patient about the art of bonsai. 

Though I had been dreading the boredom of a long sit in a dull office, saying to myself, My wait at the doctor's office will be boring, I actually had a good time. Things began to turn around when I allowed myself the thought, I might make my wait at the doctor's office productive.

My experience shows us that it's unnecessary to look toward the future with negative expectations. In this case, I simply decided to open myself both to the flow of new ideas and to the possibility that I might connect with someone new. If I can shape my own experience in these ways, so can you. 

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