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Bad Thought: People don’t appreciate me.

Have you ever desperately wanted to get a certain reaction from another person and been disappointed? Maybe you had just accomplished something important and shared it with a friend or family member, hoping for their attention and congratulations. Instead, that person was distracted or self-focused and you left the encounter feeling let down. This happens to all of us at times. The other person may not be intending to disconnect, but is just caught up in his or her own thoughts. 

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you might take a few moments to give to yourself the good feeling you wanted to have. How do you do this? Simply imagine feeling what you wanted to feel when you spoke to that other person but didn’t get the response for which you were looking. In my example of having just accomplished something important, the desired feelings might be pride in the accomplishment, or a sense of positive self-regard, or plain happiness. You can get a visual image of something nice, to produce this feeling in yourself. In this case, you might picture a crowd of smiling well- wishers giving you a standing ovation for your accomplishment.

Do this following simple inner well-being exercise now, or at your next opportunity: Think of a feeling you wanted to experience, but didn’t, the last time you spoke to someone. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and imagine having that feeling. Bring up a visual image that produces this feeling in you. It takes mere seconds to generate this feeling from within, and once you’ve created the feeling, you can have the truly pleasant inner experience of basking in it for a bit. 

Tell yourself, I can give myself the feelings of appreciation I desire.

You’re becoming a master of your own inner state!

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