• Debbie Covino, PhD

Bad Thought: The papers are full of bad news.

I've already talked in this blog about the fear that news reports can provoke in us. I indicated that it's a good idea to limit our exposure to the incessant stream of stories about conflict, destruction, and peril. While it's important to be an informed citizen, it's also advisable to tend to our inner state so that we can function and take pleasure in living. There is something we can do to give ourselves a break from the mainstream media: read Greater Good Magazine.

Greater Good Magazine (a free publication) converts scientific studies into practical strategies for creating a happier life. Featuring themes such as altruism, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness, and social connection, Greater Good Magazine informs us about research from a variety of disciplines that demonstrates how life can be full of joy and meaning. Did you know that gratitude enhances brain function, that happy caregivers improve longevity for dementia patients, or that empathic joy feels better than selfish joy? Greater Good Magazine shares this sort of good news in every issue, and lifts our spirits.

When you've heard enough about killings, political tensions, and global threats, think, I can read Greater Good Magazine, and then go do it!

You're reading the Bad Thoughts Blog, which maintains that feeling good is as simple as thinking a better thought. I'm Debbie Covino, hypnotherapist, coach, and creator of the Master Your Own Mind self-hypnosis program and All Day Hypnosis Courses, available at https://www.hypnotic-wellbeing.com/digital-audio-programs

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