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Bad Thought: They cut back my hours at work.

It can be difficult to find the good in a bad-seeming situation. However, in many if not most cases, the unwanted situation has a positive benefit. Here’s a brief exercise that can help you to reframe an unwanted turn of events. Say they recently cut back your hours at work. The change means less money and a different work schedule. Now, identify one positive thing that has come from the cutback. You might realize that you’ve been able to spend more time with your sister.

You can then offer single-word descriptions (adjectives) that describe how the benefit feels to you. Spending time with your sister might be fun and meaningful. You close your eyes and think of the positives in terms of each adjective: Spending more time with my sister feels fun. Let a feeling of fun spread throughout your body and mind. Really bathe in the feeling of fun that you’re experiencing. Do the same with your second adjective: Spending more time with my sister feels meaningful. Enjoy meditating on the meaning that time with your sibling generates. Really enjoy those feelings, knowing that you have reset your mood upward.

Tell yourself, I can shift into a better feeling state of mind by finding the positives in even negative situations, and I can do this in just a few short minutes. All that's required is a simple exercise and a desire to live a constructive life.

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