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Bad Thought: Wine just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

I work with many clients who would like to find ways to relax without resorting to alcohol. Some have even made this their New Year’s resolution. Understandably, people need to escape from the busyness and responsibility posed by the outside world, a glass of wine or two can promote such disconnection. And while drinking in moderation may even have certain health benefits, many people drink too much and suffer negative physical, social, and even financial effects. Also, the quality of the disconnection from the outer world produced by drinking is far inferior to that achieved through natural means.

I began to recover from my anxiety when I learned how to disconnect from the outer world through meditation. I often don’t even like to call it meditation, because this word has many associations that can be off-putting, so let’s call it “going within.” Mentally escaping daily from the outside world is very easy: see my video on how to go within by playing the “What if?” game here: https://www.hypnotic-wellbeing.com/videos.

You can also get into a trance-like state by playing what I call the “ideal conversation” game in which you imagine the perfect conversation with a person you normally find difficult. Just imagine that person saying exactly what you would love to hear. You can answer back, and imagine that person responding in soothing ways, saying everything that sounds just perfect to you.

These mental games put you right into a peaceful, trance-like inner state. It feels terrific, and before you know it, you're meditating! At that point, you can let go of the questions and just enjoy the pleasant inner state you're experiencing, or you can give yourself suggestions about thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you'd like to change. This is self-hypnosis! Pretty soon, you’ll think, I don’t need wine to take a break from life.

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