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Judson Brewer’s recently released book, Unwinding Anxiety, demonstrates that anxiety is not a necessary reaction to life but instead a mental habit that can be changed.

Have you ever noticed that when one problem that’s caused you stress passes, your mind immediately searches for the next thing about which to worry? Your worry has carved out a neural pathway that keeps firing even when there’s little or nothing immediately wrong. You’ve simply trained yourself to worry no matter what. This reinforces the habit of anxiety which in turn causes more worry in a seemingly endless loop. Brewer says that you’ve taught yourself that anxiety has its rewards: motivation, sense of control, prevention of disaster. You can update this system such that you get rewards for inner peace. Brewer’s work will allow you to think, Anxiety is a habit I can break.

You can find a great summary of Brewer’s book here: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_anxiety_hides_in_your_habits

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