Master Your Own Mind

My self-hypnosis program, "Master Your Own Mind, Three Powerful Guided Hypnosis Techniques for an Incredible Life," leads you through  a process of inner work that can help you change your life for the better.  The first exercise, called “Bad Feeling to Good,” incorporates neuro-linguistic programming that enhances your hypnotic state, and shows you both how good it feels to go into trance, and how quick and easy it can be to improve your inner state. The second, called “Pain Body Release,” builds on the first and allows you to free yourself from pent-up mental and physical tensions. And the third combines the well-known “Autogenic Induction” process with post-hypnotic suggestion, so that you can begin to move toward the life you desire. Why invest in face-to-face sessions with a therapist before you’ve tried it?  

Also available on Amazon, iTunes, and other platforms.  To listen to a free excerpt, click the arrow below.