What Clients Say About Dr. Debbie Covino's Hypnotherapy Services and Coaching

"There was a profound change in my state of mind and physical being. Within an hour of my leaving [Debbie's studio], the knot in my chest was completely gone and has yet to return! I have been more confident, happy, and at peace with myself and the world."--Cathy D.

"Debbie is amazing. I found her approach to be effective, respectful and encouraging. She has a great essence about her and she helped me to make the changes I had sought out to make. She's nurturing and very insightful! I've referred many to her as a result of my own personal experience. She sincerely cares and you feel supported throughout the entire process." --A.H.

"In similar past situations, I would have felt so overwhelmed so as to block my thinking, and I'd be overcome with thoughts of self-doubt. I can feel the therapy working as I am able to keep stress at bay and I have more compassion for myself, effortlessly."  --Lily

"Debbie Covino is the best hypnotherapist I have ever met in my 40 years of using hypnosis. Through hypnosis, I have stopped smoking, changed my diet, gotten motivation to exercise, lost weight and developed stress relief and practices, to name a few successes.  As a self-employed person, I know that Debbie has profoundly helped me improve my work motivation, prospecting and productivity habits, as well as my use of a CPAP machine that allows me to get good night’s sleep. In one session, Debbie will make you a believer in the positive power of hypnosis. Go see her! " --Hal Bastian

"I have had a lot of success so far, I actually lost 5 pounds last week just from being more mindful about eating, and I have been mini fasting between meals… less snacking. Even on my vacation I enjoyed sweets but it a more conservative way than I have been. My portions have been smaller and I haven’t been concerned about not finishing food, like I have in the past. I haven’t been 'restrictive' as much as I have been listening to my body and considering what will feel good during and after meal times. So far I have been feeling great and feel a difference in my thinking and my body. I definitely want to reinforce these skills, because I feel them working." --L.S.

"Mind-altering, body-altering, life-altering, these are strong but apt phrases to describe my experiences thanks to just a few sessions with Dr. Covino. In each session, we focused on different areas of my life that I wanted to improve. Thoughtful questioning, discussion, and hypnosis all combined to remove some seemingly immovable root problems. After one session I experienced drastic results. Through an exercise called Pain-Body Release, I rid myself of a knot in the middle of my back that had been plaguing me for almost a year. The discomfort was so great that I hadn't been able to get a solid night's sleep in months. Now, months later, the knot and the accompanying pain are still gone! The same is true of the boulder-size knots in my shoulders where I used to carry all my tension and stress. After two sessions, I experienced none of my usual anxiety and insecurity before speaking in front of a 100+ audience at a national convention. After three sessions, I was able to withstand the feelings of guilt I used to succumb to when dealing with my teenage daughters! I now breathe deeper and easier, am much more relaxed in all areas of my life, and feel an overall sense of peace and wellbeing. I can't recommend Dr. Covino highly enough, and I can't wait to schedule  some more sessions because they are so empowering!" – L.L.

"My appointment was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced - I heartily recommend a visit to everyone! I didn't know what to expect, and wasn't even sure what I wanted to learn via the visit - but Debbie skillfully led me into what became the most informative and freeing couple of hours imaginable. I can hardly wait for my next appointment!"  -- J. Johnson

"Debbie was fantastic! I have already recommended her to other friends who want to improve their lives or change a behavior. She listened and understood my specific concerns and tailored a program specifically for my needs. She is very focused and compassionate and takes her time to fully understand the needs of her clients. After the first session I noticed marked improvement in the areas I was seeking help and by the 3rd session I had achieved my goal. Thanks Debbie!" --Matthew M.

"Debbie helped me immensely. Everything we worked on is working and I highly recommend her!"  -- C.B.

"Debbie . . . asks all the right questions during the consultation to get to the bottom of the problem."   -- N.S.

"I was referred to Debbie by a friend who had great success working with her. I saw Debbie about the anticipatory anxiety that I have about flying. I have used CDs, books and hypnosis before but this time was different. I saw Debbie a couple of days prior to a flight and it went really well. I boarded the flight without feeling any anxiety and during the take off and turbulence (the most challenging parts of any flight for me), I used the tools that Debbie gave me and was able to manage my anxiety beautifully. Throughout the week of my vacation, I gave hardly any thought to the flight home (I usually spend my entire holiday worrying about my journey home). In fact, when I tried to think about the trip home, I almost couldn't keep a thought of dread or anxiety in my head. My flight home went just was well. My 14-year old daughter also saw Debbie for separation anxiety that she would experience when she slept away from home. This past summer she was going to travel with her father (without me) to Mexico and she also had to attend a mandatory school retreat. Having slept away from home only a handful of times, she was highly anxious. In the past this anxiety would result in a middle-of-the-might panic attack. After one session with Debbie, she did great on the trip to Mexico and was perfectly calm on the school retreat. She used the suggestions that were given to her by Debbie and I felt like I was seeing a new girl blossom as tons of new opportunities opened up for her--including a college tour in the spring that she now feels confident enough to attend. Thanks to Debbie, my daughter and I feel confident and safe and are able to fly, travel and be away from home with virtually no anxiety surrounding it. Our world has opened up."   --M.N.